Bloody mind!!!

Boys dont cry.

Posted by dj | 15 Nov 2004, 8:19pm

I wish I cud be a guy for a day.

-They don't brood over their wasted life.

-Emotions don't matter to them.

-They have a girlfriend, and they like the girl living across the street, and they are trying very hard to suck up to the girl who is just not giving in- they term it basic, lust and love!

-Rich? Added advantage!

-Forgiveness doesn't come easy to us..heard this before??

-Head rules, have'nt got a heart!

-Best of all, Boys don't cry!

Then why do women???

-'Brooding' is the middle name for all women! Brooding over lost years, over broken relationships, wrong decisions-everything! It is a source of survival.

-Emotion and women are interwoven.

-They have a boyfriend, and the guy across the street has  mighty biceps, but nah my boyfriend is cute- they term it as life and love!

-Rich? Added disadvantage- the rich bitch!

-Forgiveness is the word invented for womenfolk!

-Heart rules, head?? What u talking bout?

-Worse of all, girls can't stop crying!!!

Like always, exceptions accepted. Variations a must.

No, I don't want to be a guy for a day to see how good it feels, but to see how life is without a heart.

Yes, ive been hurt.

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